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Bleaching - A radiant smile

Bleaching sets are being advertised more and more commonly, and a large variety can be found in drug stores and pharmacies. These sets may be cheaper than the professional bleaching methods the dentist offers, but they do not achieve a durable result. The concentration of active ingredient in these products, which must be approved according to cosmetic products legislation, is insufficient to achieve a sustained effect. The industry compensates for the lack of genuine effect by adding light pigments to the bleaching sets, which coat the teeth and make them seem brighter. This effect disappears within a few days.

In our clinic, we differentiate between the “in-house” method and the “home bleaching” method. With the in-house method, the teeth are bleached at the clinic for an hour. With the home bleaching method, the patient is given individually fabricated dental splints for the upper and lower jaw, and bleaches at home.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, but with professional administration they both achieve an excellent result. Consult our staff to determine the most suitable method for you. If a patient does not get the desired result after the first bleaching, the teeth will be re-bleached several times if needed – at no extra cost, of course.

Since 2015 we offer a new and very effective method using a special LED activating the bleaching gel.

In addition we have got the possibility of using laser for persistent cases in order to improve the effect of bleaching.