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Many people are tormented by justifiable self-consciousness concerning their teeth. Apart from signs of wear and discoloration that occur naturally, the appearance of teeth and thereby the overall appearance of the face is also greatly influenced by lifestyle. Coffee, tea and nicotine stains have a marked effect. Nowadays in particular, in a society so heavily influenced by TV, movies and commercials, a big bright smile is of extreme significance. A beaming smile enchants other people, is indicative of a pleasant personality, and makes a person appear likeable.

So it is astonishing to consider the amount of money that is consistently spent on creams, ointments, lipstick and other cosmetics, when we all know that it is pretty teeth that make an enchanting smile. It should be all the more comforting and motivating, then, knowing that nowadays everyone can have beautiful teeth.

The development of cosmetic dentistry with insight into the esthetics of white (teeth) and red (gum), coupled with the corresponding methods and materials, has made this possible. Millions of people dream of having nicer front teeth, find them too stained, too yellow, too crooked or even too short or too long. Perhaps the gums are too exposed (gummy smile) or maybe they are just too discolored, darkened over the years or are just naturally more yellow than you would like them to be?

Do you get irritated at the little wrinkles in your face when you glance in the mirror? This can also be resolved quickly!