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Our clinic offers a variety of interesting services, which you are welcome to make use of at any time.

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Besides German we speak English, French, Italian, Portugues, Russian, Turkish and Urdu too.

If you would like to have a interpreter with you for the appointment please don't hesitate to tell us.

Handicapped accessible entrance
Handicapped accessible entrance

One of our seven treatment rooms can be accessed directly from the outside by wheelchair, with the transport vehicle driven directly up to the room.

After ringing the wall-mounted bell, one of our staff members will assist you.



House calls

Our top-of-the-line mobile treatment unit enables us to do house calls for patients confined to bed or those with severely impaired mobility.


Sophisticated treatments we accomplish by use of an operation microscope what we regard as a service to our patients and will not charge.

Anxious patients

For anxious patients and for those who have not visited a dentist for a long time due to previous bad experiences with dental treatment, we offer special appointments for which we take extra time.

Please do not feel shy about mentioning this to our staff when you phone for an appointment.

Individual consultation

The entire clinic staff is available for individual consultation at all times.

As a special service, we offer you a free, comprehensive and individual consultation on our appointment-free service afternoon. The dates of our service afternoons are available by telephone.

Children's „open house“
Children's „open house“

At regular intervals we organize a children’s „open house“ with the clinic team, to which different kindergartens from Heidelberg and Eppelheim are invited. On these days, clinic operations focus on the youngest patients for 3 hours. Free checkups and teeth cleaning instruction are part of the playful program.

We would like to prevent children’s aversion and fear of the dentist at an early age.

If you would like to take part with your pre-school aged child, please enquire about the next date.

Infotainment Center
Infotainment Center

The „Infotainment Center“ is located in the reception area. You will learn everything of interest about our clinic there. At the touch of a button (touch screen) you can explore the whole clinic on the monitor.

You will receive information about the entire spectrum of treatment, about the doctors and staff, about the facility as well as state-of-the-art information on medical science and dentistry.

Short films and animations will make even the most complex themes understandable.

Relaxation during treatment
video glasses

For your relaxation during treatment, we have cordless video glasses with which you can watch your choice of movies.

If you wish to watch a particular movie please don't hesitate to ask our clinic staff.