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About us

Our clinic for dentistry, oral surgery and orthodontics is a small service enterprise. As such, its existence is dependent on the customer – the patient – enjoying a sense of well-being while availing himself or herself of its service – the treatment. This was not always so. Medical and dental facilities in the past were often characterized by the fact that there were many patients but only few doctors.

Today the opposite is true. Those clinics and practices providing a highly professional medical specialty coupled with a pleasant ambience are the successful ones. The patient must feel “well-treated” in every way. It is very clear to us that a visit to the doctor is only rarely an occasion to dance for joy, but also that we as a team want to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

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We will do our best to achieve this – you have our promise! But you can also help us. On your first visit to our clinic, you will notice a plexiglas dispenser in the waiting area that contains anonymous patient questionnaires. If you happen to use your hopefully short wait to fill out this form and put it in the box, you will be doing us a big favor. For we can improve only if we are able to learn what pleases you, our guest and patient, and what does not. And to continue to improve for you is what we desire.

So that you can finally find out who “we” are – have fun clicking through the site!

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