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Prophylaxis means the prevention of diseases. Both caries and periodontosis are primarily caused by bacteria. The basis for healthy teeth and gums is optimal oral hygiene.

Because our clinic puts great value on the prevention of caries and periodontosis, we have worked out a prevention program, which we would like to briefly introduce to you.

Saliva test

We can determine the composition of your saliva by using this test. The presence of certain bacteria tells us a lot about your susceptibility to caries and periodontosis.

With specific individualized treatment, as well as through nutrition counseling, the risk can be greatly decreased.

DMD and interleukin testing

Your hereditary predisposition towards a diseased periodontal apparatus (periodontosis) can be determined with a test. Appropriate specific countermeasures can then be initiated in order to prevent the disease.

Professional teeth cleaning (PTC)

A thorough cleansing of the teeth is performed with a “sandblaster”, which is especially useful for the removal of stubborn coffee, tea and smoking stains.

More information: Esthetics/Professional Tooth Cleaning.

Dental care basic package

During several sessions we will demonstrate optimal care techniques for you, using various accessories and aids, and will evaluate the results. Plaque (invisible tooth films) will be evaluated and analyzed.

Should you have any questions concerning specific details about prophylaxis, please consult Michaela Kinzinger, who will be carrying out your periodontal treatment.