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The clinic of Dres. Schmoll, Wiens & Colleagues has been in existence since 1983, and is run today as a group practice with Dr. Daniel Wiens among other doctors. The advantage of such a team practice is that each clinician can specialize in different fields and thereby offer the patients a broad range of modern treatment methods.

Clinic founder and owner Prof. Dr. Jörg Schmoll is certified by the competent dental association in implantology and oral surgery, with further specialization in associated dental prosthetics and the treatment of periodontal disease.

The exact specialization of each doctor can be found under their biographies: "About us - Our doctors".

Our clinic with seven treatment rooms, located in the centre of Eppelheim which is very close to Heidelberg, is one of only very few that is certified to meet the strict criteria of the ISO standard 9001:2008. We voluntarily and quite consciously apply such high standards to ourselves every year because our patients have a right to the highest quality.

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Your way to our clinic in Eppelheim near Heidelberg

right in the heart of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

Public transportation

Coming from Heidelberg, you can reach Eppelheim by tram line #22 without changing. Get off on stop 'Eppelheim Rathaus', it is a three minutes walk from there to the practice.

Parking your own car

For our patients, we have six reserved parking spaces in the courtyard. If these are occupied, there are numerous of free public parking spaces in the surrounding area.

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